Several ongoing projects with Forum over the past 5 years.  Both Electrical and Data/Voice.

Several ongoing projects for Amegy bank.  We have worked with Amegy since 1998.

Woodforest National Bank Branch.

We also have several ongoing projects at the Opperations center, corpatae offices and we also completed the build out for the Woodforest Foundation early last year.  We have worked with Woodforest since 1998.

This container was retrofitted for Medical use in Africa.  Aaron-Carter Electric, INC installed the electrical to run off two different sources of power.  You can connect container power leads  to USA generator fed power or you can connect to the African power grid.  The onboard Rectifier/Inverter will convert the African power in USA 60 Hz 120/240 volt power that feeds LED lighting and outlets.

These containers can be built to fit any application you may have.

Electrical Service in Houston

Completed McDonald's Lighting retro fit to LED.  We are starting several of these installs in 2018.