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We take pride in each and every project.

We really believe that no job is too small or too big for us to handle. We're that confident in our services and our staff. We work hard to make sure that we are reliable and affordable for everyone. 

our start


Aaron-Carter Electric, INC in Houston, TX started out as a two man family owned team Carter (dad) and Aaron (son).  In 1998 we began a small-time electrical company that worked with some well known companies around town.  For several years we have serviced them and built our reputation on word of mouth.  Now with technology and the social network becoming the new word of mouth pipeline we have grown even more.  Bringing on other Master Electrician like Eric Ybarra to increase our quality of service and skills.  Together we will take Aaron-Carter Electric, Inc. to the next level.

Our Services


At Aaron-Carter Electric, INC we're happy to offer any electrical service that you might need. Feel free to contact us with any electrical request you might have.


Here's some electrical services we offer:

  • Build Data Centers.

  • Build Electrical services

  • Install surge protection.

  • Car Chargers.

  • All Electrical repairs.

  • Cable infrastructure design.

  • Installing new lighting. (LED)

  • Update Lighting.

  • Fiber optic installs.

  • Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling.

  • Shipping Container build outs.

  • Backup Generators.

  • Certification Testing for Cat 5e and Cat 6 and Fiber Optics.